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Jellyfish-  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eoEZVThVCk

7  Minute Yoga  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiKJRoX_2uo&t=108s


Rainbow Breathing  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O29e4rRMrV4


stories, readings, etc. for infants to age18

Resiliency Parent Handouts


Below you will find 10 popular apps currently available to help with stress and anxiety:

(If you’re experiencing greater than normal stress or anxiety, please contact a physician).

  1. Stop Breathe and Think (free on iOS and Android with subscription content). This was one of the first and continues to be one of the most popular mindfulness and meditation apps available. It’s available on iTunes and Google Play. 

  2. Stop, Breathe and Think Kids (free on iOS with subscription content). This app is much like Stop, Breathe and Think except it’s focused on children. The app is more tailored to current emotional states

  3. Calm App (free or 7-day trial on iOS and Android with subscription content). The Calm App and the Stop, Breathe and Think app are the two most used amps for dealing with anxiety or stress. The app also works with the Apple Watch and is more visually appealing than Stop, Breathe and Think.

  4. Ambi Pro ($1.99 for iOS). Ambi Pro specializes in ambient music, using algorithms to change tracks instead of recordings that are looped. 

  5. Headspace (free with subscriptions available iOS and Android): Headspace has free specific sessions for moments of panic, anxiety and stress. There are also quick 2-3 minute meditation sessions and special animations that teach skills and answer questions about mindfulness.

  6. Breathe2Relax (Free for iOS and Android): focuses on breathing rather than meditation or mindfulness training. 

  7. Colorfly (free for iOS and Android with subscriptions and in-app purchases). Colorfly features 1,000 different pictures to color, is capable of use offline and you can share your coloring expertise on social media through the app.

  8. Smiling Mind (free on iOS and Android): Smiling Mind is free – no subscriptions, no in-app purchases – and is built specifically for children and adults seeking to deal with daily stress. The app is based on mindfulness courses that train people to deal with stress in the classroom or workplace.

  9. Solitaire (free on iOS, Android and Windows) – Solitaire is a go-to for people wanting a few minutes away from whatever it is that has them stressed.

  10. Buddhify ($4.99 on iOS and $2.99 on Android): Buddhify comes with 80 guided meditations in mindfulness training.

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